23. The Clubhouse offers its own Supported and Independent Employment Programs to assist members to secure,
sustain, and better their employment. As a defining characteristic of Clubhouse Supported Employment, the
Clubhouse maintains a relationship with the working member and the employer. Members and staff in
partnership determine the type, frequency and location of desired supports.
24. Members who are working independently continue to have available all Clubhouse supports and opportunities
as well as participation in evening and weekend programs.


25. The Clubhouse assists members to reach their vocational and educational goals by helping them take advantage
of educational opportunities in the community. When the Clubhouse also provides an in-house education
program, it significantly utilizes the teaching and tutoring skills of members.

Functions of the house

26. The Clubhouse is located in an area where access to local transportation can be assured, both in terms of getting
to and from the program and accessing TE opportunities. The Clubhouse provides or arranges for effective
alternatives whenever access to public transportation is limited.
27. Community support services are provided by members and staff of the Clubhouse. Community support
activities are centered in the work unit structure of the Clubhouse. They include helping with entitlements,
housing and advocacy, promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as assistance in accessing quality medical,
psychological, pharmacological and substance abuse services in the community.
28. The Clubhouse provides assistance, activities and opportunities designed to help members develop and
maintain healthy lifestyles.